Celebrating Australian People and Companies in Latin America

Biz Latin Hub team celebrates being an Australian company in Latin America
Biz Latin Hub team members in Colombia and Mexico celebrated Australia Day.

Last week, Biz Latin Hub team members in Colombia and Mexico celebrated Australia Day, the country’s national day recognizing the British First Fleet’s arrival to Port Jackson, New South Wales in 1788. The Australian Embassy in Bogotá celebrated this national anniversary alongside Australian partners and associates.  

As a multinational Australian company in Latin America, Biz Latin Hub proudly sponsored the event.

In Mexico, Biz Latin Hub staff also attended the ANZMEX’s (Australia, New Zealand and Mexico Business Council) celebration of Australia Day in Mexico City. The team have regularly engaged with ANZMEX members and events in Mexico, with the aim to promote new business opportunities and interconnected networks between the 3 countries.

On being an Australian company in Latin America

Australian military veteran Craig Dempsey moved to Latin America in 2012 to seek new commercial opportunities in the region. In 2014, he partnered with British expat David Wright to co-found Biz Latin Hub. He is the company’s Managing Director.

“I’ve learned a lot from my experience growing Biz Latin Hub alongside David,” says Craig. “We started this business to support others like us moving into the region, noting how difficult some bureaucratic procedures can be for non-Spanish speakers.”

Since 2014, Biz Latin Hub has expanded beyond its headquarters in Bogotá, Colombia, to 15 other countries.

“I see many Australian companies thriving in Latin America, especially in areas where we show a real strength in as a country, such as mining,” says Craig. “On top of that, there is a high regard here for the Australian ‘brand,’ and companies moving into Latin America should leverage that trust.”

ANZMEX event in Mexico City
The ANZMEX event in Mexico City paid tribute to the recent and ongoing bushfires in Australia and the amazing response globally and in Mexico.

Australia Day celebrations in Mexico and Colombia

The ANZMEX event in Mexico City paid tribute to the recent and ongoing bushfires in Australia and the amazing response globally and in Mexico. The New Zealand Ambassador to Mexico Mark Sinclair acknowledged the ever-strengthening ties between Australia and New Zealand. 

The event highlighted the increasing connections between the 3 countries, and the importance of maintaining and growing this relationship for the future. Biz Latin Hub staff met with fellow individuals that have a strong passion for encouraging growth between these prosperous nations. 

Speaking at the Australia Day event in Bogotá, Sophie Davies, Australian Ambassador to Colombia, said (translated from Spanish): “This year I would like to focus on what we have in common: our shared values with Colombia. Sometimes we seem to be very distant from our geographical position, but it is more what unites us than what separates us.”

Getting involved with the Australia-Latin America community

It’s important to stay connected with other private and public sector institutions and people operating between Australia and Latin America.

If you’re starting a business abroad, get advice from local specialists about any relevant legal obligations that you need to comply with for your project. Connecting with the relevant Embassy in your country can also provide some support. 

Other supporting organizations

Biz Latin Hub staff at Australia Day
As a multinational team of local and expatriate specialists, Biz Latin Hub proudly supports Australian companies to do business in Latin America.

The Australia-Latin America Business Council (ALABC) works to strengthen connections between the two regions, and empower businesses crossing borders to succeed. The Council just celebrated its 30-year anniversary of operations. Biz Latin Hub has been a member of the ALABC since 2018.

In 2019, the ALABC presented Biz Latin Hub the Award for Business Excellence during the Australia-Latin America Business Excellence Awards. These awards are supported by the Australian Council on Australia Latin American Relations (COALAR), an agency operating under the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).

Somos21 is a network connecting professionals between Australia and Latin America for increased collaboration and exposure of new commercial and personal opportunities. People operating between these 2 regions can sign up to the network and explore Somos21’s news and communities for opportunities to connect with others.

We support Australian companies in Latin America to do business

We’re strong supporters of Australian companies looking to do business in Latin America. As a business founded by expats from Australia and the UK, and with staff from around the world, we understand the challenges foreign entrepreneurs face when expanding.

Let us support your new commercial venture in Latin America. Our range of market entry and back-office services make us your single point of contact for getting set up and operational in the region.

Our teams of legal and accounting specialists operate across 16 jurisdictions in Latin America and the South Pacific, including in Australia. Our award for Business Excellence from the Australia-Latin America Business Council demonstrates our commitment to forging strong commercial and personal ties between these regions.

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