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Corporate Law Firm Argentina: How Can We Help With Doing Business?

When running a business or a company in Argentina, it is of vital importance to receive appropriate guidance on your rights, duties, obligations and responsibilities through each step of its development.

Whether you’re looking to form a company, manage it or even liquidate it, a corporate legal team will be essential in assisting you throughout the process whilst saving you time, money and any inconveniences.

So, what services exactly can a firm of corporate lawyers provide?

Doing Business in Argentina – Registration of a Foreign Company in Argentina

Starting a business in Argentina, either through forming a company or registering a foreign company in the country, can be complicated, cumbersome and confusing for those who are unfamiliar with the local customs, procedures, norms and regulations.

A team of corporate lawyers can help you do business in Argentina.

An option to start to operate in the country, will be to constitute a legal entity (society) that can operate on its own in the market, whether personally contracted and billed for its services. To do this, previously (depending on the structure you want to give it) you will have to register the partners or shareholders before the Public Registry of Commerce. If you do not want to follow this path, you can opt to register a “branch”, that will act as an extension of the head office in the country of origin, deriving the responsibility of the local office to it.

In both cases, it is necessary to conduct various legal procedures, before public agencies, making the registration procedure more complex. Structuration of the society that is going to be constituted, preparation and elaboration of a Board of Director or the Powers of Administration, certification, legalization and translations (when it is necessary) of the corresponding documents or the shareholders to be register, are all complex processes in which a Corporative Law Firm can assist you.

Commercial Representation

Latin America offers a wide and diverse gam of commercial opportunities for products, services and international solutions. Without local knowledge nor experience in the business environment, entering in these markets can be a challenge. Quality commercial representation services are an efficient alternative to promote products and services. It is essential to rely on expert knowledge of the local distribution channels and logistic, and a profound comprehension of the various legal framework, the import/export regulations y the tax and accounting requirements. Commercial representation services can act as managers of the local countries, providing support in the negotiations and/or negotiating on behalf of the client. These dynamic services can provide support in each step of the market route.

Visa Application and Residence Permits

When starting operations in a foreign country, many companies send some personnel from the place of origin to the new place, so they can manage firsthand the installation. The time that these foreigners stay in the country, can vary depending on the complexities of the company disembark y the planned strategy.

Corporate law firms can help you with  requesting visas and residence permits.

Whatever the case, when the foreign personnel stay for more than the allowed three (3) months, they will have to do the process for a residence permit. This can be permanent or temporary, depending on the characteristics of the applicant, the sponsorship of the company, quality in the country, etc.

Regardless of the permit requested, it is highly recommended to consult or even be assisted by a corporative law firm to avoid any inconvenience that could present itself in the request.

For More Information About Legal Services in Argentina

The active life of a company in Argentina is full of procedures, obstacles and inconveniences of a legal nature that you may experience day to day. At Biz Latin Hub we have a team of legal experts that can help you overcome and surpass any difficulties that your company may face.

For more information about our corporate law services, get in contact with Craig Dempsey at and find out how we can help ensure your business venture is a success.

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