Digital Inclusion Agenda Boosts Connectivity for Business in Peru

The Digital Inclusion Agenda was created to boost connectivity for business in Peru. In today’s age, information and communication technologies (ICT) are entwined in people’s daily lives worldwide. Humanity is in a process of economic globalization that creates interdependence between countries, where ICT allows us to stimulate economic, social, and cultural processes.

For this reason, the “Development Plan for the Information Society in Peru – La Agenda Digital Peruana 2.0” (Supreme Decree N° 066-2011-PCM), was prepared and published by the Multisectoral Monitoring and Evaluation Commission for the Development of the Information Society (CODESI). 

Understand why this decree seeks for more equitable and sustainable methods of human development, enabling economic growth, job generation, and business competitiveness in Peru.

Information sharing boost connectivity for business in Peru

The Digital Inclusion Agenda was created in boosting connectivity for business in Peru.

The Peruvian State created the Citizen Services Portal (PSCE – Portal de Servicios al Ciudadano). The web portal consolidates information about informative, interactive, and transactional governmental procedures. Citizens of Peru can consult the official information provided by the government to understand what requirements are needed to undergo certain procedures, helping businesses improve connectivity in Peru.

The concept of better exchange and use of information, also called interoperability, was successfully tested with the Online Business Incorporation System. This system reduces the time needed to form a company from 20 days to 3 days maximum, improving connectivity for business in Peru.

Internet is needed for use of the Citizen Services Portal and the Online Business Incorporation System, which demonstrates how critical it is for economic development. A transition to the digital world, for both innovative young companies and consolidated companies, has increased productivity, aided company expansion, and reduced costs, only to name a few.

Inclusive and participatory access

Peru’s government had taken multiple measures to improve its internet infrastructure and reduce traffic congestion as a means of increasing economic growth and social inclusion, some of this include:

Internet Accessibility

The Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MTC – Ministerio de Transporte y Comunicaciones) is in charge of the implementation of the fiber optic backbone network for the country, which offers wholesale capacity services. This boosts connectivity for business in Peru, but most notably small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

In 2018, Fitel – a telecommunications investment fund that merged with MTC – and Claro signed a financing contract for a project to bring high-speed internet to 291 locations in the Lima Region. This project led to the creation of the National Telecommunications Program (PRONATEL – Programa Nacional de Telecomunicaciones) by the Vice-Minister of Communications. The program’s mandate is to finance broadband internet and promote centers for teaching digital skills.

There has been great progress in the deployment of 4G antennas in rural areas. With increasing numbers of successful 4G installations, the progress of the project remains aligned to its estimated projections. In rural areas, the replacement of public phones by mobile services or the internet improves people’s quality of life.

Traffic Congestion that slow down connectivity in Peru

Good connectivity goes hand in hand with mobility. As a result, the automotive sector is also undergoing improvements. The Traffic Control and Management Center (CCGT in Spanish) for Lima – Callao was created with the goal of reducing traffic congestion. Less traffic congestion results in reduced travel times, worked hours, and fuel. 

To further develop the transportation system, the creation of a National Agency for Traffic and Road Safety (ANTSV), is being considered and its approval is still pending. The goal of this agency would be to supervise the implementation of policies and strategic measures for the development of safe transit.

Peru is placing great importance on the need to make the internet accessible for all and reducing inefficiencies arising from traffic congestion and is improving connectivity for business in Peru.

The automotive sector is also undergoing improvements in Peru.

Recent News about connectivity for business in Peru

Even more recently, another project was initiated to address unequal access to the internet which highlights the digital gap in urban-rural areas. The MTC approved the ‘Internet For All’ project in May 2019. The initiative is led by Telefónica which brings 4G mobile connections to rural areas of the country. This will give 6 million unconnected Peruvians access to the network by 2021. Another complementary goal of the project is to connect 30,000 populated centers in the country which will help improve connectivity for business in Peru.

The ‘Internet For All’ idea emerged as a global collaborative initiative between Telefónica and Facebook. IDB Invest and CAF later joined the partnership. With this initiative, the digital gap is reduced and inclusion is guaranteed in the short term. Internet For All Peru looks to connect different communities in isolated areas, guaranteeing commercial visibility and improving connectivity for business in Peru.

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Peru’s strategic initiatives demonstrate its willingness to join economic globalization characterized byb etter ICT infrastructure, such as the Citizen Services Portal, the Online Business Incorporation System, 4G internet, and better traffic systems, stimulates the country’s economic and social processes. However, to take advantage of Peru’s Digital Inclusion Agenda as a foreign business owner, you must engage with a trusted local partner.

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