Discover Why Guatemala is the Ultimate Location for Call Centers and Finding Talent

Latin America has become an immensely sought-after nearshoring destination due to its favorable proximity to North America, time zone compatibility, and the rapid growth of its affordable talent pool.

One of the countries in Latin America leading the charge in nearshoring is Guatemala. With the region’s largest economy and a growing pool of young bilingual workers, finding talent in Guatemala to meet your needs is straightforward. 

Guatemala stands out due to its dependable electricity system, thriving manufacturing industry, and well-educated workforce. These factors combine to make finding talent in Guatemala an attractive option for companies in 2023. This article will explore the numerous benefits of nearshoring in Guatemala, with a specific focus on industries like call centers. 

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"Contact center sector growth" infographic by Biz Latin Hub for an article on "finding talent in Guatemala".
Continuous investments by the government into generating formal jobs has made it easier for finding talent in Guatemala.

An Overview of the Guatemala Call Center Industry

Guatemala has been providing customer services to overseas English-speaking countries for over 25 years. Only recently has this Central American nation gained popularity as a prominent nearshoring hub for global companies.

Approximately 48,000 individuals are employed in Guatemala’s customer service outsourcing and Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) sectors, as announced by The Association of Guatemalan Exporters (AGEXPORT.) Remarkably, 80% of these workers possess bilingual proficiency, with a significant majority specializing in English-language customer service.

Call center workers in Guatemala, particularly the younger generation, demonstrate a strong command of English due to their affinity for American culture and language. In order to encourage English language proficiency, both the business and government sectors actively endorse language education through private academies, public universities, and the Guatemala Institute for Technical Training (INTECAP).

Foreign businesses have convenient access to the ample talent pool in Guatemala, which has the largest workforce in Central America. So, finding talent in Guatemala is a hassle-free task.

Exploring the Advantages of Choosing Guatemala Call Centers

Here are the top benefits of partnering with call centers in Guatemala: 

  • Highly skilled English-speaking and bilingual, neutral-accent Spanish-speaking agents staff Guatemala’s call centers.
  • Guatemala call center vendors offer top-rated customer service at a cost savings of 40%-60% compared to US call centers.
  • With a population exceeding 17 million and the largest student population in Central America, Guatemala provides a vibrant and sustainable labor force.
  • Strategically located in the Central Standard Time Zone, Guatemala facilitates convenient collaboration with US-based team members.
  • Easy travel access with two- to three-hour flights from major US cities, thanks to Guatemala’s highly rated airport and non-stop flight options.
  • Significant government investment has expanded the BPO sector.
  • Compliance standards include PCI, SOC II, ISO, and HIPAA.
  • Guatemala boasts excellent infrastructure, utilities, transportation, technology, and telecommunications.

5 Key Factors to Finding Talent in Guatemala

Prior to initiating your search for workers in Guatemala, it is crucial to possess a clear understanding of the precise requirements for the roles your business needs. Here are five key factors that should be given priority when finding talent in Guatemala.

  • Is Guatemala the ideal fit for your business?
  • Partner with local experts
  • Understand the workforce culture
  • Identify the talent your business needs
  • Government or local authority support

1 – Is Guatemala the ideal fit for your business

Although Guatemala is recognized as a desirable nearshoring destination due to its business-friendly environment, it’s important to note that other Latin American countries also present appealing alternatives. These countries boast expanding talent pools and the potential for cost savings, making them attractive options to consider.

2 – Partner with local experts

Work with a local headhunter or Employer of Record (EOR) company. They will provide comprehensive knowledge of local labor laws, regulations, and customs. Additionally, they possess established relationships with local authorities, recruiters, and suppliers, facilitating a streamlined process for setting up operations.

3 – Understand the workforce culture

When finding talent in Guatemala, language and cultural proficiency are vital aspects to consider. An optimal candidate would be a bilingual who demonstrates a high level of fluency in both English and Spanish. It is also crucial that a foreign business’s HR team understand the cultural nuances between Western and Latin American business practices. To avoid any miscommunication and potentially losing the ideal candidate. 

4 – Identify the talent your business needs

With the largest workforce in Central America and an expanding pool of skilled candidates, finding talent in Guatemala can be a seamless process. However, the ease of hiring talent may vary depending on the specific positions you aim to fill. Notably, Guatemala excels as an ideal destination for call centers. So businesses must know exactly what kind of positions they need to be filled before launching a recruitment operation in a foreign country. 

5 – Government or local authority support

Before leaping into your hiring venture in Guatemala, take the time to see if the government offers any support for nearshoring companies. This could save an organization time and money through tax relief and administration costs. As mentioned above, partner with a local expert that can help guide a company through the process. 

"guatemala english language scholarships" infographic by Biz Latin Hub for an article on "finding talent in Guatemala".
Finding talent in Guatemala has become easier for those searching for english-speaking professionals, due to continued investment and scholarships for language programs.

Biz Latin Hub Can Assist You in Finding Talent in Guatemala

At Biz Latin Hub, we possess a dedicated team of experts ready to deliver tailored solutions that address your specific business requirements in Guatemala.

With our extensive legal, accounting, and back-office services, we serve as your primary point of contact, streamlining and expediting your entry into the Guatemalan market.

Talk to our team of local experts today about call center recruitment in Guatemala, company formation, and how to best enter this LATAM market. 
If you found this article interesting, explore the rest of our coverage of the region. Additionally, you can learn more about our team and expert authors here.

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