How can our Due Diligence Services help your Business?

Our Due Diligence Services

Manage your business risks with tailored and thorough due diligence services for your investments, business partners, suppliers, employees and clients. Trust our team of local investigators, lawyers and accountants with all of your due diligence, business intelligence and investigation needs.

Accounting and Taxation

Due Diligence

Accounting and Taxation

Due Diligence

Accounting and Taxation


Accounting and Taxation


Accounting and Taxation


Accounting and Taxation

Public Registry

Learn more about our due diligence and investigation services and how our local legal experts can help you to navigate the legal complexities of local markets in Latin America.

Protect Your Intellectual Property

Read this article to learn about how to register, manage and enforce trademarks in Latin America.



Legal Due Diligence

Legal due diligence is the process of gathering, reviewing, understanding, and assessing all of the legal issues and risks associated with a transaction.


Financial Due Diligence

Financial due diligence involves a detailed gathering and analysis of the key financial information and confirming the viability of a business.


Background Checks

A background check is an investigative process to better understand the veracity and history of either a person or a company. The process is used extensively to understand who you are working with, be that a partner, provider, client, or employee.


Business intelligence

Business intelligence involves gathering through investigative means market intelligence associated with a business, market segment or key individuals in order to aid decision making and planning.


IP Protection

Protect your intellectual property through registering, managing, and enforcing trademarks and other IP protections in Latin America.


Public Registry Searches

The search of public registries to gather publicly available information about individuals and/or companies.

How do you protect your brand and business interests?

Understand the key steps to register and protect your business brand

Trademark Search

Complete a brand name search for the same or similar brands already registered.

Trademark Registration

File and register your brand application with supporting documentation.

Watch & Legal Action

Enforce your brand rights and protect your business interests.


Your Local Partner

We can provide you the complete, fully-integrated and tailored back office, PEO and entity incorporation solution

Your Need = Our Focus

We know one size doesn't fit all - we will work with you to understand your business needs and to provide a personalized market entry and back office solution

Globally Minded + Local Expertise

Trust our local team of lawyers and accountants to establish your business, form your legal entity, hiring employees and legal entity compliance

Communication at its Best

English, Spanish or Portuguese - Our local and expatriate team of accountants and lawyers can support you in multiple languages

100% top notch due diligence and risk management services! Their prices are reasonable, and great customer service.

- Julie Lail, Marketing Strategist, Florida Blue

We can support all your back-office needs globally


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