How to open a Corporate Bank Account in Saint Lucia

Starting a business venture in Saint Lucia offers an intriguing fusion of Caribbean charm and global business prospects. In this tropical paradise, investors can discover a favorable atmosphere for initiating and growing their businesses, all while enjoying the advantages of a tax-efficient jurisdiction.

To guarantee financial stability and smooth international transactions, opening a corporate bank account in Saint Lucia is essential.

As an enticing market for foreign investors, Saint Lucia has a selection of reputable banks. Read on to learn how to open a corporate bank account in Saint Lucia

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Learn how to do business in the country before you open a corporate bank account in Saint Lucia

Can a Foreigner Open a Bank Account in Saint Lucia?

With the right documentation and initial investment, foreign nationals can open a bank account in Saint Lucia. When considering the possibility of opening a bank account in Saint Lucia, it is crucial to enlist the help of international specialists who can expertly guide you through the process.

What Do You Need to Open a Corporate Bank Account in Saint Lucia? 

For non-residents seeking to open a bank account in Saint Lucia, the application process requires submitting the following documentation:

  • Identity document: passport, ID card, residence card, or driver’s license.
  • Document confirming their registered address: utility bill in the name of the applicant, a letter from the employer confirming the registered residence address of the applicant.
  • The charter or memorandum of association.
  • The company’s registration certificate.
  • A certificate of appointment of directors and executive secretary.
  • Power of attorney or protocol on the appointment of a responsible person who has the authority to open and manage accounts on behalf of the company.
  • Shareholder register; register and resolution on the issue of shares of the company.
  • Certificate of Good Standing and the absence of debts.

Work with a Local Expert to Simplify the Process

Collaborating with law firms or consultants is the optimal approach to start the bank opening procedure. While opening a corporate bank account in Saint Lucia is relatively straightforward, certain aspects warrant consideration. Therefore, partnering with a local expert becomes crucial, ensuring comprehensive assistance throughout the process.

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Open a corporate bank account in Saint Lucia, a great exporter of crude petroleum

Find the Right Bank for Your Business in Saint Lucia

Banks in Saint Lucia offer customized solutions tailored to your company’s unique requirements, including the establishment of investment accounts, accommodating flexible payment methods, and facilitating international transfers. It’s important to select a bank that aligns with your business needs.

The following is a list of five well-respected banks in Saint Lucia:

  1. Bank of Saint Lucia: The Bank of Saint Lucia stands as the largest commercial bank in the nation, established in 2001 through the merger of two prominent banks with a collective history spanning over two decades. With branches strategically located in key areas such as Castries (the capital), Gros Islet, and Vieux Fort in Soufriere, the bank offers extensive accessibility.
  2. St Lucia Corporative Bank: St Lucia Cooperative Bank, established in 1938, holds the distinction of being the oldest national bank in the country. In 2005, it was renamed the 1st National Bank of St Lucia. Notably, the bank has received prestigious recognition, being awarded the Bank of the Year title by the Financial Times on two occasions. With a total of seven branches nationwide, including around four in the heart of Castries, the bank provides convenient access to its services.
  3. Hermes Bank: Hermes Bank is highly favored by investors in St Lucia due to its specialized services for foreign clients. Despite having only one branch in the country, the bank caters to both individuals and legal entities. At Hermes Bank, customers can open personal and current accounts, as well as make deposits and term deposits. It’s important to note that the bank does not issue debit or credit cards and lacks ATMs. However, all banking transactions can be conveniently managed through the bank’s online services.
  4. PROVEN Investments Limited: The leading investment company in the Caribbean. It specializes in offering diverse banking solutions in multiple currencies, catering to global trading, personal investments, and corporate accounts. The company operates under the International Banks Act, Cap. 12.17, as a Class A Bank and is regulated by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority. Their range of products and services includes foreign exchange, transactional banking, eBanking, loans, and more.
  5. Republic Bank: For 182 years, the Republic Group has consistently experienced financial growth and fostered personal and professional development. It is engaged in a wide range of banking and financial services in the Caribbean, the Group has an extensive global branch network comprising a total of 117 branches, 295 ATMs, and 5,574 employees across the jurisdictions. 

Biz Latin Hub can help you open a corporate bank account in Saint Lucia

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