Meet the Team: Arturo Batista, Corporate Lawyer in Panama

Arturo Batista works as Biz Latin Hub’s Country Coordinator and Lead Corporate Lawyer in Panama. Arturo has extensive knowledge and experience in Panamanian immigration, corporate and commercial law.

Arturo Batista, Corporate Lawyer in Panama

Arturo Batista has extensive knowledge and experience in immigration, commercial and corporate law in Panama.

Arturo was born in Panama City, and grew up with an interest in using his knowledge to help others achieve their goals.

He obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Science and Literature at the Panamanian Chinese Cultural Center. During this time, he had the opportunity to travel to Taiwan. While overseas, he was able to gain a greater understanding of the importance of respecting different cultures around the world. From a young age, he aimed to develop his knowledge of history and languages, to be able to understand people from different backgrounds and assist them in the best possible way.

Arturo later continued his studies in Law and Political Science at the Universidad Santa María La Antigua. At the same time, he began his career as a professional working with a legal assistant in different law firms. In this role, he developed a broad knowledge of and experience in professional practices. He viewed this experience as invaluable for meeting his goal to provide a range of advice and expertise to support others.

“It fills me with satisfaction when I can help a client. In a way, their happiness in fulfilling their goals through my services contributes to my own sense of achievement and wellbeing.”

As a Corporate Lawyer in Panama…

Since Arturo joined Biz Latin Hub as a Country Coordinator and Lead Corporate Lawyer in Panama, our operations and those of our clients in the country have shown positive growth, meeting short- and medium-term objectives.

As a bilingual Corporate Lawyer in Panama, he has considerably improved his proficiency in English and supports foreign expanding companies looking to do business in the country. Arturo’s interest in continuous improvement means our services in Panama are regularly optimized to best serve customers and offer personalized guidance.

“I personally enjoy actively participating in the growth of the company; the Panama office and wider Biz Latin Hub group are both growing in unison.”

Arturo Batista, Country Coordinator and Corporate Lawyer in Panama
Arturo enjoys a wide variety of sports in his spare time, especially tennis.

Outside the office

Apart from helping other people through his work, Arturo enjoys a wide variety of sports in his spare time, especially tennis. He plays tennis weekly, and exercises through cross-fit to improve his physical condition and level of play. One of his personal goals is to watch a tennis match in Wimbledon, London. Occasionally, Arturo also enjoys spending time at home with his brothers and friends.

Contact our Corporate Lawyer in Panama for support with your expansion

Panama is an ideal destination for foreign companies investing in Latin America. The country offers several valuable commercial enablers, including world-class maritime port facilities, geostrategic advantages for North and South American trade, and a number of incentives to promote business within its borders.

Our team of legal and accounting specialists in Panama are committed to providing highly responsive and efficient services, to ensure you can begin your operations in the country with minimal delay. With our tailored range of market entry and back-office services, we’ll ensure you’re operating in full compliance with local corporate regulations.

Contact our friendly team of accountants and corporate lawyers in Panama here at Biz Latin Hub for customized assistance on getting started in Panama.

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The Outstanding Benefits of Doing Business in Panama

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