How SAP’s ´SuccessFactors` is Modernizing Workplace Mentoring

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The new program turns an inaccurate, lengthy process into a data-driven launch pad for productive, career-enhancing programs

SAP has included new capabilities to its SuccessFactors Succession and Development product; offering users an automated and more contemporary methodology to implementing corporate mentorship programs.

In this day and age, the majority of mentoring programs entail an extensive amount of administrative labor from individuals in the human resource management department; tedious manual tasks are required to keep the mentoring programs functioning. The mentor-employee matching process is often subjective, influenced by gut instincts and personal views.

SAP has revealed the new and improved intelligent mentoring proficiencies that are built on the SuccessFactors group of machine learning based services. The resolution turns an inaccurate, lengthy process into a data-driven launch pad for productive, career-enhancing programs; ensuring automation through the use of employee data and organisational metrics.

The innovative mentoring program, SAP SuccessFactors’, will assist individuals to achieve workplace success by logically matching them with mentors that fit their skills and personality; creating positive connections and increasing levels of partnership with respect to training, learning and development. David Ludlow, the group Vice President of Solution Management at SAP SuccessFactors noted that “..its capabilities will allow businesses to transform employee development programs and drive organizational strength by automating intelligent recommendations that connect mentees with mentors—instantly performing a task that could consume weeks when completed manually.”

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