Why Get an Entity Health Check in Australia?

Getting an entity health check in Australia is a vital step before incorporating a company in the country. 

As it becomes an exciting destination for foreign investors, Australia offers a favorable business environment, promoted by a dynamic and competitive economy. Thus, an entity health check will allow you to access critical information to understand the risks and opportunities when doing business in Australia. 

In this article, we will explain what an entity health check is and how beneficial it can be for your company. 

What is an entity health check in Australia?

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An entity health check in Australia calculates potential risks and challenges for a business.

An entity health check in Australia is the best way to identify and calculate the risks and challenges executives may face when expanding their business in the country. It relies on a due diligence process to determine whether a company is fully compliant with local regulations or not. 

In the same way, an entity health check refers to a detailed professional investigation that examines a company’s legal and accountancy data, human resources processes, and environmental practices to calculate future contingencies. 

An entity health check may vary in terms of extension, scope, and depth. It can include legal information but also commercial and financial records. A basic entity health check should cover the following aspects:

  • Basic company details such as the name, commercial address, type of industry, and shareholders
  • License numbers, operational status, legal address, and representatives
  • Analysis of potential risks and credit ratings
  • Tax compliance
  • Parent company/shareholders information
  • Legal background of the company
  • Litigations
  • Encumbrances.

The importance of an entity health check in Australia 

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An entity health check troubleshoots issues and diagnoses symptoms of poor management practices.

An entity health check in Australia is essential if you are looking to invest in a locally based company. It requires an in-depth audit of a potential acquisition or investment, aimed to mitigate possible risks and unexpected expenses that may arise in the future. 

Likewise, an entity health check is the best way to diagnose symptoms of poor management practices, and troubleshoot operational issues that hold reputational risk, or could lead to legal inconsistencies, or even license suspensions. 

An entity health check undertaken by experts will help you make the best possible informed decisions before doing business in Australia. 

Get expert support to carry out your entity health check in Australia

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