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Legal Team Bolivia

Legal Team Bolivia is the Biz Latin Hub leading experts on doing business in Bolivia The Team writes on the news, doing business, law, and changing regulations. Read more about them here. You can contact Legal Team Bolivia via our "contact us page".

5 Advantages of Doing Business in Bolivia

Person in business attire pointing to computer screen

Overshadowed by some larger and more prominent regional players, entrepreneurs may overlook some valuable opportunities to start their business in Bolivia. Recently with the resignation of the former president, Evo Morales, Bolivia faces some political and social uncertainty, making it…

Opportunities for E-Commerce in Bolivia

Measures taken to prevent the spread of Covid-19 have highlighted the importance of the e-commerce sector in Bolivia. People and companies in the country have increasingly relied on technology to satisfy the large demand for goods and services. Currently, e-commerce…

How to Form an NGO in Bolivia

Two women researching how to form an NGO in Bolivia

Non-profit organizations (NGOs) in Bolivia emerged 30 years ago. However, to this day they still contribute significantly to the country’s welfare. In a global comparison, Bolivia is an emerging country with a median average income per capita. However, Bolivia does…