How to Form a Company in Chile

Chile remains one of the most business-friendly countries in all of Latin America to form a company in. Its abundance in resources, lucrative mining industry, and ease to do business in are some of the reasons for the success the Chilean market is experiencing.

Knowing how to start a business in Chile as a foreigner can take some time to learn. Investors and multinationals with the intention of setting up a company in one of the most developed countries in Latin America will likely encounter a different framework for direct investment law.

Legal representation is therefore necessary when doing business in Chile. Please note that a Chilean company must have a Chilean native or foreigner with a valid visa to be the legal representative of the company. Once you have that sorted, you will be required to follow the country specific guidelines and requirements

We want to encourage foreign commercial activity in this thriving, yet largely underexplored, region. In order to help you get a better insight on the steps in this process, our Chilean business experts have created a company formation presentation for Chile. We are confident this will help! If you have any more questions about how to incorporate your company in Chile, get in touch with us directly. We work in the best interests of your company to ensure its long-term success in this exciting market.

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