Mexico Visa Lawyer: Different Visas for Foreigners in Mexico

There are different visas for foreigners in Mexico based on how long you want to stay in the country for. The most popular visa being the FMM visa (Multiple Purpose Form) which allows visitors to stay for up to 180 days as a tourist or visitor in the country.

Below, we provide a quick overview and take a look at the different visas available to foreigners in Mexico to see which one is best for you.

FMM (Multiple Purpose Form) Visa

This is valid for stays of up to 180 days and is suitable for tourists and visitors. The FMM visa is best if you plan on staying in the country for a short p eriod of time. The FMM visa is filled out upon arrival and returned to immigration officers upon leaving Mexico.

FM3 Visa

The FM3 is the most common type of visa for expats. This is suitable for people who want to work, study and build their business in Mexico. The FM3 visa lets you stay for up to one year, after which you can reapply annually. This is best for foreigners who do not plan on staying in Mexico for longer than a few years.

FM2 Visa

That FM2 visa is similar to the FM3 visa, the only difference being that after the fourth year of renewal, foreigners can apply for residency. The process of becoming a legal resident can take between 1 to 6 months after the application has been submitted. People with the FM2 visa can work, study and run their own business without any problems and is suitable for people who plan on staying in Mexico for a long period of time.

Legal Resident Visa

This is for those foreigners who are serious about living in Mexico and are sure that they want to stay. This allows foreigners to work, study and run their business in the country without any problems. The legal resident visa is ideal for foreign investors who want to be considered citizens when making an investment in Mexico.

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