How to Apply for Visa in Mexico


How to get a Visa in Mexico

Watch this video to see a detailed guide on how to get a visa in Mexico. Learn the different types of visas, visa requirements, and processing times in Mexico.

Provided is an overview of the types of visas that are available to enter and/or immigrate to Mexico, a detailed guide on the visa application process for Mexico, the visa requirements for Mexico; and the visa processing times for the most common types of Mexico working visas, Mexico business visas, Mexico investor visas and Mexico residency visas. Additionally, included is an overview of the requirements to attain permanent residency in Mexico.

Mexico comes out on top time and time again as a promising country to do business in Latin America. Its growing middle-class, cheap production and labor, and numerous free trade incentives are some of the reasons for the success the Mexican market is experiencing. It is important to make sue you handle your visa processing while you are doing business or relocating to the country! 

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