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How to get the most from a Headhunter in Lima, Peru?

Like in many other places, headhunters in Lima, Peru are employed to seek out the most promising candidates to fill positions within an organization, usually a high-level, C-suite position. Rather than posting the vacancy on LinkedIn or on job sites, headhunters – who are often well connected and are experts in a particular field – personally reach out to professionals they believe have the right profile that the client company is looking for. 

What’s the best way to work with a headhunter in Lima, Peru?

When working with a headhunter, in Peru or anywhere else, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • They look for professionals who may be looking for a change
  • They keep you up to date and are good communicators
  • They work with you, and treat you like a partner instead of a boss
  • They ask a lot of questions and encourage you to do the same

1. Start by looking for people who want to be found

Let the headhunter do their job, but make sure that they start their search in places where professionals tend to have a presence. People are always intrigued by new opportunities, even if they are content in their current role. Peruvian professionals who are most likely to be receptive to headhunters in Lima, Peru are those who have an up-to-date LinkedIn profile and are easily reachable over email or social media. So that’s a good place for headhunters to start.

An infographic from BLH about the population employed in Lima for an article on headhunters.
A headhunter in Lima, Peru have a wide range of professionals to choose from, especially in the service sector

2. Keep lines of communication open

Headhunters Lima, Peru will likely to be reaching out to multiple professionals at the same time, and depending on how they operate, they may not be sharing every potential lead with you until they find the “perfect” candidate. But it’s always a good idea to encourage your headhunter to share their maybe-list with you, so that you could call around and find out more about an individual candidate yourself. A lot of information on different candidates is better than not enough.

3. Don’t just hire a headhunter in Lima, Peru – Partner with one

Closely related to the previous point, but it merits being said explicitly: In order to get the best experience out your headhunter, work with them at every step of the way. Remember, finding and convincing the ideal candidate to join your team is in yours and your headhunter’s best interest. It’s for this reason that the best experience between you and your headhunter in Lima, Peru will feel more like a partnership than an employer-contractor type relationship.

4. There’s no such thing as a stupid question

Perhaps you need an executive in the Peruvian capital with the right set of skills and experience in a specific field. But you’re not sure what kind of role within your organization would best suit him or her. Maybe that position doesn’t even exist yet. Specialized headhunters in Lima, Peru can work with you to answer questions, so ask a lot of them! From those conversations, the right headhunter can help your business not only find the best candidate, but also structure the position in such a way that the candidate will feel the most useful. Empowering professionals to take ownership over a team to take on new challenges will ensure they feel satisfied in their new role.

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Similarly, organizations and businesses in the Andean country are seeking tech and IT professionals to join their teams. Fortunately, there is no shortage of Peruvian tech talent, so it falls on other kinds of professionals to attract IT recruitment in Peru – namely your organization.  

IT recruitment in Peru: How do I attract the top tech talent? 

According to the market research and analysis firm Gartner, what follows are the top 5 ways businesses can have better success in IT recruitment Peru:

  • Offer flexible working conditions and a competitive salary
  • Clearly define and articulate your employee value proposition
  • Build a career-specific social media presence
  • Generate positive buzz about working at your organization on job sites
  • Provide a welcoming interview experience

What does that mean for IT recruitment Peru from the perspective of hiring managers and employers? Here’s a comprehensive breakdown: 

1. Provide a competitive salary and other perks

With IT recruitment in Peru, if you want the best, you’re going to have to pay a premium. Offer a good salary and be sure to highlight how much more you pay then your competitors. Beyond that, be sure to offer flexible working conditions; since the pandemic, many tech workers have grown accustomed to working from home and wish to continue to do so. 

2. Highlight why your business is a good place to work

Aside from a good salary and the freedom to work from home, why else is you organization a good place to work? Tech talent is readily available in Peru, but the cream-of-the-crop are in high demand and don’t stay at a place long if they don’t feel appreciated or satisfied – even if they’re getting a fat paycheck. That’s why it’s best to foster a positive company culture and offer employees things like rewards, perks, extended vacation time, health benefits and more. 

3. Build your career-specific social media presence

The idea here is to make people want to be a part of the brand you’ve created. They will stop seeing your business as just another place to work. By increasing your organization’s engagement on social media, you’re creating a community of people from which you can draw talent. Social media can be an effective way to perform IT recruitment in Peru.

4. Generate positive buzz on job sites 

Candidates can readily access reviews from current and past employees on job sites. Keep track of ratings on sites like Glass Door, and seek to maximize positive feedback from employees. For IT recruitment in Peru, ensure that working at your business is and has been positive for all current and former employees. In job descriptions, be sure to detail all of the perks and rewards on any job posting. 

5. Provide a positive interview experience

Candidates increasingly share their experiences with other job seekers so make sure the experience is a positive one. If you have a lot of candidates in your IT recruitment in Peru process, keep the experience consistent. Job interviews don’t need to be stuffy or overly serious, so mix up the prodding, thought-provoking questions with light and friendly small talk. Tech candidates should leave job interviews with your organization feeling excited at the prospect of becoming part of the team. 

Common FAQs when working with a headhunter in Peru

In our experience, these are the common questions and doubtful points of our Clients.

1. Why hire talent in Peru?

Peru presents a compelling case for hiring talent in the Latin American region. Geographically, it offers diverse landscapes, from the Andes Mountains to the Amazon Rainforest and a Pacific coastline. Economically, Peru boasts a stable and growing economy, with key sectors including mining, agriculture, manufacturing, and services, and an increasing focus on technology and innovation. Its sizable population, predominantly young, provides a substantial talent pool for recruitment. While Spanish is the official language, English proficiency varies, with more English speakers found in urban areas and tech-related fields. Peru’s universities and technical institutes offer programs in technology and engineering, contributing to a skilled workforce for the tech industry.

2. Can I hire top tech talent in Peru? 

Yes, Peru has a growing tech sector with a talented workforce. Many universities and institutions are producing skilled tech professionals, and the government has initiatives to support the tech industry’s growth. You can find top tech talent, especially in cities like Lima.

3. What is the level of English for professionals in Peru?

English proficiency among professionals in Peru can vary. In larger cities and among those working in tech and international sectors, English proficiency tends to be higher.

4. How many software developers are there in Peru?

As of the last update in 2021, Peru had a growing tech industry, and there were estimated to be around 20,000 to 25,000 software developers in the country. 

Biz Latin Hub Can Help You with headhunters and IT recruitment in Lima, Peru

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