How to open a Corporate Bank Account in Honduras?

Honduras, a country nestled in the heart of Central America, offers a wealth of opportunities for foreign investors looking to establish and grow their businesses. Its strategic geographic position provides easy access to North and South American markets, making it a gateway for international trade. Learn how to open a Corporate Bank Account in Honduras.

This creates numerous opportunities across various industries, from agriculture and agribusiness to renewable energy development and manufacturing. Knowing how to open a corporate bank account in Honduras is an important step for a successful establishment, offering financial stability and seamless international transactions.

As an attractive location for foreign investors, Honduras offers a selection of reputable banks. Learn how to open a corporate bank account in Honduras for your company in the following article.

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Know about the trade agreements before opening a Corporate Bank Account in Honduras

Can a Foreigner Open a Bank Account in Honduras?

With the correct documentation and initial investment, foreign nationals can open a bank account in Honduras. When contemplating the prospect of opening a bank account in Honduras, it is essential to seek the assistance of international specialists who can navigate the process effectively.

What Do You Need to Open a Corporate Bank Account in Honduras?

For non-residents seeking to open a business bank account in Honduras, the application process requires submitting the following documentation:

  • Legal document of the representative and all the people authorized to sign on the account
  • Document or Statutes explaining the goals and objectives of the business
  • RTN (National Bank Registration)
  • 2 Bank references

Please be aware that banks may have specific document requirements, and if relevant, these will be promptly communicated to you.

Engage a Local Expert to Simplify the Banking Process

Partnering with law firms or local consultants is the optimal approach to start the bank opening process. Opening a corporate bank account in Honduras can be complex, so certain aspects need consideration. Consequently, working with an expert partner becomes essential, ensuring comprehensive assistance throughout the process.

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If you want to open a Corporate Bank Account in Honduras you should know the Employment Law

Find the Ideal Bank for Your Business Needs in Honduras

Banks in Honduras offer customized solutions to meet your company’s unique requirements, including the establishment of investment accounts, accommodating flexible payment methods, and facilitating international transfers. The bank you select must align with your business needs.

The following is a list of five well-respected banks in Honduras:

Banco Fisohsa: In 1991, driven by the vision and determination of a consortium of entrepreneurs and business leaders, Financiera Comercial Hondureña SA was founded in Honduras. It offers credit, digital, and integrated banking solutions for businesses. This banking institution currently maintains the largest market share in Honduras. 

Banco Atlantida: Banco Atlantida, S.A. was founded in 1913. It is a financial institution that offers commercial banking services to businesses and individuals. It has products such as lines of credit, payroll, credit, managing accounts receivable, savings, and investment products.

BAC Honduras: BAC Credomatic is a well-established institution with nearly seven decades of experience, catering to a vast clientele of 4.2 million individuals across the region. The organization’s journey started on July 5, 1952, with the establishment of Bank of America in Nicaragua. By the 1990s, BAC Credomatic had achieved the distinction of becoming the very first Financial Group with a presence spanning all of Central America.

Banco de Occidente: Founded on September 1, 1951, Banco de Occidente stands as one of Honduras’ prominent commercial banks, with its headquarters situated in Santa Rosa de Copan and an extensive network of  9 branches and 170 offices spread across the country. 

Banco Davievienda: Davivienda has a rich history spanning more than half a century. Originally established as Corporación de Ahorro y Vivienda in 1972 in Colombia, Davivienda has been on a robust and consistent growth trajectory since 2005. In 2012, it acquired HSBC operations in Honduras. 

Biz Latin Hub Can Support You in Opening a Corporate Bank Account in Honduras

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