Survival Guide for Foreigners in Mexico – Immigration Issues

You are a foreigner full of dreams in Mexico. As fate would have it, there is an immigration issue. Your immigration document has (please choose as appropriate):

  1. Been Robbed
  2. Been Lost
  3. Expired

The thought of leaving the country brings on a feeling of angst. What do you do? You head straight to the Mexican immigration office. What should you expect? Follow the instructions from the Mexican immigration office website, deliver the documents required, wait a few days and problem solved.

The Mexico Immigration Office

Despite Mexico’s immigration offices having fully established procedures in order to  make the visa processes, renewals, and other migratory procedures simple and easy; they can often turn out to be a long and tedious process.

When you visit an immigration office in México, it is very common to hear howls of despairs related to the different approaches offered for one single procedure. One officer will instruct you to provide one set of documents, whilst another officer will ask for something different.

How to Survive a Trip to the Mexican Immigration Office

  1. Write your FULL name in all the requests the immigration authorities ask you complete: In México, you have to write your full name in every paper you sign. If you have forgotten to write your second name on one piece of documentation when in your passport a second name is present, there will be complications.
  2. Your signature has to be exactly the same as it appears in your passport: Try to sign all your documents exactly as you have signed the Passport, in order to avoid questions or comments from the immigration officers such as:
  • The signature is false; invalid request.
  • Are you trying to falsify the signature?
  • It is not the same signature as it appears in the Passport. Please return when the signature is authentic.
  1. Carry ALL your papers. In addition to your passport and the regular requirements established by the immigration authorities for each procedure, don’t forget to bring every document you have with you, along with numerous copies.
  2. The color of ink is very important. Try to sign all your documents with blue or black ink, and on a smooth surface, to avoid suspicions of falsification.
  3. Try to arrive as early as possible to the offices. The best hours to visit the immigration offices are between 9 and 10 o´clock. After 10 am you could be facing huge crowds and long waits.

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Key services offered by Biz Latin Hub
Key services offered by Biz Latin Hub

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