Why and How to Register a Business / Company in Argentina?

Argentina holds huge potential and is full of investment opportunities due to a variety of factors, including:

company formation argentina
Many foreign companies have chosen Argentina as their prefered Latin America jurisdiction to begin commercial operations.
  • A vast array of natural resources
  • Aliterate and well-educated population
  • Strong digital capability

In recent years, Argentina has become an even more attractive marketplace, with the introduction of key legislation creating more business opportunities for both local and foreigners. One great example of this is the creation of a new type of legal entity, the Argentine Simplified Shares Company’ (S.A.S) which has encouraged foreigners to begin commercial activities in the region.  

Register a Business in Argentina – Why do Business in Argentina?

Many foreign companies have chosen Argentina as their prefered Latin America jurisdiction to begin commercial operations, and are reaping the rewards. The business registration process is relatively straightforward when working with a local partner.

See below the top 5 reasons that you should look towards Argentina as an attractive place to do business: 

1. Qualified Pool of Local Workers:

Argentina is an attractive location for foreign investment because of its large population of qualified workers. In regards to employment, hiring staff in Argentina is beneficial as the population are generally very qualified, with many speaking English fluently. 

2. Member of MERCOSUR:

Argentina, being a member of MERCOSUR has many benefits in regards to international trade. Argentina has free access to a handful of Latin America regions (not to mention their international trade agreements) which creates the ideal location to begin a trading company. Additionally, Argentina has two types of tax-exempt trading zones.

3. Foreign Direct Investment Policies:

The Argentine legislation doesn´t have restrictions on foreign investments, but rather encourages it. Foreign investors enjoy the same legal treatments as domestic companies and individuals. Foreign companies can invest without pre-approved or registration pre-requisites.

*The government has implemented incentives to promote further promote investment in the Argentine economy. One example of this is the creation of the ‘Agencia Argentina de Inversiones y Comercial Internacional’.

4. Argentina Economic Growth Potential:

Argentina has a  large and diverse natural resource base, with high growth potential. See below some information regarding the natural resource sector in Argentina:

  • It´s one of the top producers of agriculture commodities
  • It has a large deposit of shale gas and shale oil
  • It has an underexplored reserve of lithium, copper, gold and silver

5. Language:

There are over 40 languages spoken in Argentina, with Spanish being the dominant and official language. The other languages commonly spoken in the country are English, Portuguese, Italian and French. The ability to access multi-lingual staff is great for companies who operate across borders and need educated staff who can work in a variety of languages. 

How to Register a Business in Argentina?

company registration argentina
The S.A.S is an attractive legal entity in Argentina for a variety of reasons. 

There are different types of businesses/companies in Argentina that you can choose from when establishing operations. Each of these has different advantages and requirements. In many cases, the type of company will depend on your company´s business needs and business activities. Consult with a local expert when deciding on the best type of company to choose from. 

The information below relates to the registration of an Argentine Simplified Shares Company (S.A.S – Sociedad de Acciones Simplificadas):

a) Initial Steps of the Registration

  • Register before the Public Registry
  • Grant a deed containing the articles of incorporation 
  • Deposit 25% of the subscribed capital in the National Bank of Argentina
  • Publish a notice of the formation of the company in the legal Official Gazette
  • Pay the Public Registry’s incorporation fee 

b) Once the Company is Registered 

  • Obtain official company books
  • Obtain a tax identification number (called ‘CUIT’) 

Argentine Simplified Shares Company (S.A.S)

When starting an S.A.S company in Argentina, there are some key and specific consideration you should keep in mind:

1. Incorporation and good standing:

An S.A.S can be incorporated by one shareholder (natural or legal person). Regardless of the shareholder structure, the company must be registered with the Public Registry. 

2. Business Name:

The business name must include ‘Sociedad por Acciones Simplificadas’ or its abbreviation ‘S.A.S’. 

3. Corporate Purpose:

The company must have a corporate purpose ‘objetivo social‘, which defines the business activities that the company will undertake. However, you must keep in mind that an S.A.S company isn´t permitted to do the following:

  • Trade shares on the stock market 
  • Engage in capitalization of savings and loan operation
  • Operate government concessions or public utilities

4. Capital Stock:

An S.A.S minimum initial capital must be equivalent to 2 monthly minimum salaries (approx. AR$16,120).

5. Corporate Governance:

S.A.S partners are legally entitled to decide on the company´s organization structure, laying out the provisions governing the company’s corporate body. 

6. Company´s Documents and Book-Keeping:

S.A.S companies can carry their corporate and accounting books by electronic means. 

Need Help Registering you Business in Argentina? 

Doing business in Argentina has many commercial benefits, with the region being full of exciting investment opportunities. However, doing business in a new country can have some challenges since you will be dealing with a new culture, laws and requirements.

At Biz Latin Hub, we can assist you to register your local Argentine business. We have a team of local professionals, who provide tailored market entry and back-office services. If you are interested in doing business in Argentina, contact us now and see how we can support you in Argentina. 

To learn more about doing business in Latin America, watch the following video!

Doing Business in Latin America - Biz Latin Hub

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