How to Form a Company in Mexico

Mexico is a leader in the region for technological advances, innovation, and positive economic growth. Its growing middle-class demographic, low costs of production and labor, and various free trade incentives are some of the reasons for the success the Mexican market is experiencing. Foreign multinationals are turning to Mexico to maximise their chance of commercial success in the world’s fastest-growing region.

Despite the enticing business climate, it can nevertheless be a challenge for foreign investors to do business in a country where local compliance regulations and laws differ greatly from those in their hometown. It’s crucial that new entrants to Mexico’s market come to terms with their obligations when forming a company there. As with any country, Mexico offers a number of corporate structures that all serve slightly different purposes. Arguably the most popular is the Stock Corporation, or S.A. de C.V (Sociedad Anónima de Capital Variable), as it provides the most scope for growth and has a particularly simple formation process.

There are other vital aspects to think about when forming a company in Mexico, including Company Share Capital, Company Legal Representation and Company Fiscal/Legal Address. In order to help you get a better insight on these processes and other steps, our Mexican business experts have created a company formation presentation. We are confident it will help! If you have any more questions about how to incorporate your company in Mexico, contact our team of local and expatriate professionals.

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