How to Get a Business Visa in Peru for US Citizens

Find out how to get a business visa in Peru as a US citizen. Peru is still one of Latin America’s best-performing economies with a solid economic and industrial background. Despite current conditions changing the country’s economic landscape, Peru is still considered one of the most attractive countries in the region to invest in or do business. To do business in Peru as a US citizen, you will need a business visa.

The Peruvian government is constantly making its best effort to improve the commercial environment. The country is improving its legal framework to ensure that investors, whether foreigners or nationals, are treated as equals.

It is important to know that there are two types of migration options for foreigners. They are as follows:

  • Temporary Stay: Foreigners enter the country just for tourism or business.
  • Residency: Foreigners who apply to live and work.

Work, investor, and business visas in Peru for US citizens

Economic district of Lima, where most people get a business visa in Peru
Peru is improving its legal framework to ensure that investors, whether foreigners or nationals, are treated as equals.

Peru has different types of Peruvian visas for different uses. The most commonly required visas are:

Working visa

This is a visa for foreigners who want to work for long periods of time in Peru. It is important to note that this type of visa requires you to have an employment contract with a local company. This visa is usually obtained by incorporating your own company and then hiring yourself to this company.

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Investor visa

This visa is for foreigners who want to establish, develop, and administer a company. Note that this Peruvian visa is purely for an investor, without the need to have an employment contract with the company. This visa is usually obtained through incorporating a company, or by investing in a Peruvian listed company.

Business visa

A business visa in Peru is suitable for temporary workers, such as foreigners with a temporary contract.

How to get a business visa in Peru for US Citizens

A business visa (visa de negocios) allows foreigners to carry out legal, contractual or business activities.

The Peruvian Consulate of the state where the foreigner is located grants the business visa for a short-term employment contract. Each state in the USA is independent and has its own legislation and jurisdiction. However, there are some general requirements to obtain a business visa in Peru:

  • Application form filled and signed (DGC 005)
  • Valid passport
  • Round-trip ticket
  • Financial support
  • Letter from the employer specifying the purpose of the trip, the employment status, and employment duration
  • In case the trip is related to a Peruvian counterpart, a representative from the Peruvian company must sign a letter including their ID number. The reason and duration of the employee’s stay in Peru must be specified in this letter.
  • Two passport-sized color photographs
  • Payment of the US$30 consular fee.

The submission of the visa application does not guarantee the automatic issuance of a visa. The final outcome is at the discretion of the consul after their reviewal and evaluation of the documentation submitted. It is possible they may request more documents or information during this revision.

Person using a computer to search information about business visa in Peru
Be sure to know if the working visa, investor visa, or business visa is most suitable for your situation.

Length of application process

The Peruvian Consulate may take a minimum of approximately 30 business days to review the information presented, however, it can get longer as this is at the discretion of the consulate itself. If additional requirements are requested, this may delay the process of obtaining a business visa in Peru.

Usually, a Peruvian business visa is granted for a maximum of approximately 6 months. This also depends on the consulate’s discretion and requirements as each application process is evaluated individually. 

Get expert support for your business visa in Peru

To do businesses in Peru, there are many types of visas to choose from. Obtaining a business visa can be complex, especially in an unknown environment. Make sure to connect with a local immigration expert to coordinate your transition into Peru. 

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