How to open a Corporate Bank Account in Barbados

The thriving business market in Barbados is very welcoming to foreign investors and business people. For example, it has double taxation treaties with 40 countries. Learn how to Open a Corporate Bank Account in Barbados.

Understanding how to open a corporate bank account in Barbados is an essential step for a successful establishment, offering financial stability and seamless international transactions.

As a prime destination for foreign investors, this island paradise offers a selection of reputable banks. Read on to discover how to open a corporate bank account in Barbados. 

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Can a Foreigner Open a Bank Account in Barbados?

Opening a bank account in Barbados doesn’t require residency or prior visits to the Caribbean Islands. You can open a non-resident corporate account with certain banks from anywhere, eliminating the need for in-person visits or meetings with bank representatives. 

However, most banks in Barbados don’t immediately accept foreign or non-resident companies. This can be overcome by having an existing relationship with the bank, a clear reason for opening a corporate account in the country, or making a large deposit. 

Open a Corporate Bank Account in Barbados, Types of companies in Barbados infographic by Biz Latin Hub
Learn the types of companies in the country before you Open a Corporate Bank Account in Barbados

What Do You Need to Open a Corporate Bank Account in Barbados? 

To start the process of opening a corporate bank account in Barbados, you will be required to complete a comprehensive application and provide the following information:

  • Complete the bank’s application paperwork.
  • Submit certified copies of corporate filings.
  • Provide copies of government-issued identification and related proofs for each shareholder and director.
  • Submit company financials and additional required documents.
  • Generally, most banks in Barbados follow these procedures for opening a corporate bank account.

Partner with a local expert to simplify the process

Engaging with law firms or consultants is the optimal approach to start the bank opening procedure. While opening a corporate bank account in Barbados is fairly easy, certain aspects need consideration. Therefore, collaborating with a local partner becomes crucial, ensuring comprehensive assistance throughout the process.

Choose the right bank in Barbados for your business

Banks in Barbados offer tailored solutions designed to meet your company’s unique needs, whether it’s establishing investment accounts, accommodating flexible payment methods, or facilitating international transfers. Choosing a bank that aligns perfectly with your business requirements is crucial.

Here are five notable banks in Barbados:

  1. Republic Bank Barbados Limited: A subsidiary of Republic Financial Holdings Limited, one of the Caribbean’s largest banking groups, provides a comprehensive array of financial services. This includes personal and business banking, investment services, and international banking, with a widespread network of branches and ATMs across Barbados. Renowned for competitive interest rates and a variety of credit products, the bank is particularly favored for its international banking services, catering to customers’ needs for seamless overseas transactions.
  2. Scotiabank Barbados: As a subsidiary of the Bank of Nova Scotia, one of Canada’s largest banks, Scotiabank Barbados has served the country for over 60 years with an extensive network of branches and ATMs. Providing a variety of personal and business banking services, including savings, investments, credit products, and international banking, Scotiabank is recognized for outstanding customer service. The bank actively supports the local community through corporate social responsibility initiatives and offers convenient digital banking solutions such as online and mobile banking, enhancing customer convenience.
  3. CIBC First Caribbean International Bank: CIBC, operates in 16 Caribbean countries, including Barbados. With branches and ATMs in Barbados, the bank provides personal and business banking, investment services, and international banking. Known for robust customer service and local community support, it offers a popular range of credit products for various projects.
  4. RBC Royal Bank: One of Canada’s largest banks, has a century-long presence in Barbados with a widespread network of branches and ATMs across the nation. Renowned for competitive interest rates on savings and investment accounts, as well as a variety of credit products for businesses and individuals, RBC Royal Bank also provides convenient digital banking solutions, including online banking, mobile banking, and user-friendly apps for enhanced customer convenience.
  5. First Citizens Bank: One of Trinidad and Tobago’s largest banks, has served Barbados for over two decades with branches and ATMs across the country. The bank is recognized for its popular credit products catering to businesses and individuals seeking financing for various projects. With a robust presence in the Caribbean region, it offers a diverse array of banking services, including personal and business banking, wealth management, and insurance.
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Open a Corporate Bank Account in Barbados and learn about the trade of services

Frequently Asked Questions on Opening a Corporate Bank Account in Barbados

Based on our extensive experience these are some common questions from clients opening a Bank Account in Barbados.

1. Can I open a corporate bank account online?

All corporate bank accounts are opened online now as stipulated by the institution. The required forms and due diligence information are submitted for approval.

2. What documents do I need to open a company bank account in Barbados?

Due Diligence information for all Shareholders, Directors, Officers, and Signatories; Full corporate profile of company operations and activity, Barbados Foreign Currency Permit, Declaration of Source of Funds, Copy of Company By-Laws

3. Who can have access to a company bank account?

 Any member of the company that is authorized by company shareholders can have access to the bank account. 

4. What is the best bank in Barbados for foreign companies?

Royal Bank of Canada, CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank

5. Why do companies open bank accounts in Barbados?

Companies may open bank accounts in Barbados for tax advantages, a stable economy, a well-regulated financial sector, ease of doing business, currency stability, access to international markets, and confidentiality. Barbados’ business-friendly environment makes it an attractive destination for those seeking favorable conditions for financial operations and international trade.

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