Biz Latin Hub Participates in First Medical Marijuana Symposium in Latin America

Cannaciencia Biz Latin Hub Team
The Biz Latin Hub team attending the first ‘cannabis science Symposium of the Americas’.

BOGOTA, Colombia, April 2018 – Last Friday, the Biz Latin Hub team attended Cannaciencia, the first ‘cannabis science Symposium of the Americas’, along with the world’s most renowned cannabis scientists, academics, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, industry insiders, policymakers, entrepreneurs and laboratories demonstrating cutting edge technology. The Symposium is designed to provide state-of-the-art education and training on the world advancements in the medicinal cannabis field and also provides a networking opportunity for all of those involved in the rapidly growing industry.

At the event, the Biz Latin Hub team had the opportunity to meet industry insiders and potential investors and explain how Biz Latin Hub help their clients to set up medical marijuana businesses in Colombia and obtain the required licensing.

In 2017, Colombia followed in the footsteps of other Latin American nations as they established a regulatory framework which allows the legal cultivation of medical marijuana in the country. As Colombia aims to become a global export leader, it has authorised the sowing of 40.5 tonnes of medical marijuana (the equivalent of 44% of global production) for 2018.

As the global medical marijuana industry is booming and more and more legislatures are legalising its use, we believe that Colombia has huge potential and is in the perfect position to become a leader in the sector,” said Craig Dempsey, CEO of Biz Latin Hub. “Attending Cannaciencia demonstrates our commitment to support those at the forefront of this new industry. Our mission is to help investors ensure their medical marijuana business ventures are a success through the provision of our personalised market entry and back office services.”

Biz Latin Hub have the experience, the knowledge and the network to support their clients as they enter the medical marijuana industry in Colombia. Their team of experienced and bilingual lawyers can help through every step of the process from company formation through to obtaining the appropriate licenses and exportation.

About Biz Latin Hub

The Biz Latin Hub Corp was established in 2014 to support local and foreign companies doing business in Latin America, offering a complete portfolio of back office services; including bilingual legal, accounting, finance, taxation, recruitment, commercial representation, market entry and administration services.

Simply put, we are a one-stop shop to meet the professional needs of businesses operating in the region. The companies of the group are owned and managed by an experienced team of local and expat professionals, dedicated to assisting our clients in navigating their way through the complexities of the Latin American business environment. For more information about how we can help you with LATAM market penetration please visit our website or contact us now with your enquiries.

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