Tips for Hiring Tech Talent/Developers in Chile

Since the end of its military dictatorship in 1990, Chile has emerged as one of Latin America’s most politically stable and economically prosperous countries. It has been relatively free of the coups and poor governments that characterize much of the region’s history. The South American country has and continues to be an attractive jurisdiction for companies looking to tap its large pool of skilled IT/tech talent. The demand for tech talent has skyrocketed in recent months – particularly from US companies – so the growing trend of hiring developers in Chile (or hiring tech talent in Chile in general) shows little sign of abating. 

Advantages to hiring developers/tech talent in Chile

  • Business/investment friendly environment
  • A large and growing pool tech talent 
  • Comparatively low cost of labor
  • Moderate level of English-language skills
  • Time zone relatively close to those in the US

The enduring depreciated value of the Chilean peso against the US dollar makes doing business in Chile – tech related or not – a wise and cost-effective decision.

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Hiring Tech Talent in Chile. If you are thinking in hiring Developers in Chile, find the right headhunters.

Hiring developers in Chile: Top 5 reasons for hiring tech talent in Chile right now

Tech firms, or businesses that rely on software knowhow for their operations, should seriously consider tapping into Chile’s tech talent ecosystem. They can do so either by offshoring software development/IT operations, or by setting up shop in the country. What follows are the top 5 reasons why hiring tech talent in Chile might be right for your company:

1. Business/investment friendly environment

Investors reacted to the election of young left-winger Gabriel Boric to Chile’s presidency in December 2021 by selling off assets, sending the value of the Chilean peso into decline. But as it became clear that president-elect Boric had no intention of nationalizing Chilean industries, markets have calmed. Chile’s GDP grew 11.9 percent in 2021, outpacing its OECD and regional peers. Chile also ranked a respectable 59th out of 190 countries in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business 2020 study – higher than any other Latin American nation. These are positive indicators for companies large and small that plan on hiring developers in Chile.

2. A large and growing pool tech talent

In the early 2000s, the Chilean government invested heavily in computer-centered education that focused on computer literacy. It also launched a program to ensure every school in the country had access to the internet. The investments have paid off. Chilean developers, software engineers, full stack developers and programmers are considered some of the best in the region, prompting tech giants like Alphabet Inc (Google), IBM, Cisco, Microsoft and Oracle to domicile in the country. There has never been a more opportune time to begin hiring tech talent in Chile.

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Employment law in Chile. Hiring Tech Talent in Chile Hiring Developers in Chile

3. Comparatively low cost of labor

Cost savings is at the heart of the growing nearshoring phenomenon, with Latin America being the primary recipient. By ‘nearshoring’ (i.e., offshoring to jurisdictions with a close proximity to the US), tech firms can save a bundle in labor costs. An entry-level software developer in the US can expect to receive about $80,000 USD per year, while a Chilean software developer doing the same job makes around $35 million pesos per year (roughly $36,000 USD). That’s a cost savings of 45 percent – hiring developers in Chile is a no-brainer. 

4. Moderate level of English-language skills

Chile ranked 47th out of 112 countries in the EF English Proficiency Index study released in 2021. It’s considered to have ‘moderate proficiency in English, according to the study. But the country’s young, highly educated tech professionals far surpass the national average in English language ability; speaking English is widely considered to be a prerequisite for career advancement among Chilean professionals.

5. Time zone relatively close to those in the US

Continental Chile falls into the GMT-3 time zone, meaning it is one hour ahead of Eastern Time, two hours ahead of Central Time, and four hours ahead of Pacific Time. The times are not so different that Chilean tech workers and their colleagues in the United States can’t easily work together, hold Zoom call meetings, and collaborate on projects remotely.

Hiring developers in Chile: Interesting tech facts

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Hiring Tech Talent in Chile, Hiring Developers in Chile: Key services offered by Biz Latin Hub

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