How to get an Australian Residency Visa

Are you looking for an Australian residency visa? Do you need help obtaining the Australian visa, but don’t know how to get one? Read on to get step by step instructions on how to obtain your visa for Australia.

Before you can even think about applying for a visa, you have to make sure that you meet the legal requirements. The visa process can take an average of 9 to 12 months to complete. This is enough time for you to get things settled in your home country, and get things settled. For immigration to Australia there are 6 key steps that you should follow.

Australian Residency – Types of Residency Visas?

There are four types of visas suitable for business owners: Business Owner, Senior Executive, Investor, and High Calibre visa.

There are several types of visas that business owners and investors can apply for in Australia. These are: Business owner visa, senior executive visa, investor visa, and the high calibre business owner visa. 

  • Business Owner Visa: The business owner visa is for people that are business owners or part business owners.
  • Senior Executive Visa: The senior executive visa is for senior executive employees of major businesses.
  • Investor Visa: The investor visa is for investor. business people willing to invest in any industry in Australia.
  • High Calibre Business: The high calibre business visa are for business people who have sponsorship from a state/ territory government.

Step 1: Accreditation of Studies and Work Experience

This step applies If you are not yet trying to start your own company in Australia.

The first step is to make sure your job and occupation are accredited. A company needs to make sure that the qualifications of your job meet the Australian qualifications and work experience. If it meets the right requirements, you will receive a letter of accreditation.

The application fee associated with accrediting your occupation can cost between AUD$450-$4000. Most accrediting bodies will charge an assessment fee of around AUD$800. It can take approximately 2-3 months to receive a decision on an accreditation application.

For people who are looking to start their own company in Australia, you must qualify by showing that you meet certain financial thresholds. For example, if you have a significant business history stream, you need to meet certain financial benchmarks in regards to personal assets, business assets and turnover. Also, if you are the in the venture capital entrepreneur stream, you must have at least AU$1 million capital funding for a promising high-value business idea.

Step 2: Evidence of the English Language

As part of the visa process, all non-native English speakers need to take an English exam.

The exam that is used by the Australian government is called the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). This test examines four language skills: speaking, reading, writing and listening. In order to be eligible for a visa, you must receive a score of at least 6 out of 9 to meet the requirements.

VisAustralia strongly recommends booking your test date as soon as you decide to apply for the visa. An IELTS preparation test is also recommended for applicants.

Step 3: Lodge an Expression of Interest and apply for a visa

After you’ve accredited, you must be invited by the Australian government to apply for a visa. There is NO associated cost for this step.

Step 4: State Nomination Application

The state nomination visa (Subclass 190) is an Australian state-sponsored visa for skilled workers who are nominated by a state or territory. A visa holder can live and permanently work anywhere.

If you are applying for a state nomination visa, the next step is the process of applying for the nomination of state government. The requirements differ for each state.

State government application fees range all the way up to AUD$800.

Generally, it can take up to 1-4 weeks to receive a decision on your state nomination application.

Step 5: Visa Application

How to get residency Australia
Visa costs are AU$3755 for a primary visa applicant. Additional applications for individuals over 18 years cost AUD$1875, and those under the age of 18 cost AUD$940.

The visa application has to be done online and must include certified copies of all your professional work experience, as well as certified translations, and other formal documents that the application may require.

The visa costs are AU$3755 for a primary visa applicant. Each additional application for individuals aged 18 years and older costs AUD$1875. Additional applications for people under the age of 18 costs AUD$940.

An additional AUD$4890 charge applies to each applicant over 18 years old who does not speak intermediate English. This person can be entitled to 500 hours of free English classes after relocating to Australia.

Step 6: Medical Exams and Police Certificates

To enter Australia, there are certain medical and health exams you’ll need to take. After you make it through the visa application you will need to have a medical examination with a local doctor registered with the Australian Embassy. All members of your family must take the exam.

The medical exams can cost about AU$275 per person and must be paid directly to the local doctor and radiographer.

The Department of Immigration will request that you accompany the medical examination with a police certificate for each country you have lived in for 12 months or over, spanning the last ten years. You can obtain this document from the local police in your country. If you have lived in multiple countries over the last 12 months, you will need to get documents from the police departments in those countries as well. 

The cost of receiving the police certificate will depend on the police authority issuing it.

Once your visa is obtained, you can remain in Australia indefinitely. The Australian visa only valid for a period of five years. To maintain your permanent residency, you must either meet residency requirements or show you have close ties to Australia. If you want to continue traveling to and from Australia after five years, you have to either obtain a resident return visa or apply for Australian citizenship.

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