Pick the Right Corporate Legal Firm in Peru

Finding a reliable corporate legal firm in Peru is essential if you are doing business or planning to do business in the Andean nation. As such, you will want to find a corporate legal firm in Peru with proven experience of success assisting investors in the market.

Peru is considered one of the best countries to do business in South America, according to the World Bank (downloadable PDF). The country saw 18 consecutive years of growth up to 2019 at rates above the average recorded in Latin America, and the Peruvian economy has grown at an average annual rate of 3.2 percent over the past five years.  The country maintains a business- and investment-friendly environment, and has established numerous free trade agreements (FTAs) with the likes of the USA, Canada, Chile, the EU, and Japan, among others.

Market outlook for Peru 2023. Learn some important facts for entrepreneurship in Peru. An infographic by Biz Latin Hub.
Market outlook for Peru 2023. Learn some important facts for entrepreneurship in Peru.

Besides its strategic location on South America’s Pacific coast, Peru has a deep pool of natural resources. The country’s main exports include ores, gems and precious metals, foodstuffs and waste products related to food production, and mineral fuels.

If you are doing business in Peru, or considering entering the Peruvian market, read on to find out more about finding a reliable corporate legal firm in Peru and the types of legal services they can offer.

Watch the video below to better understand what a legal representative is when investing in Latin America.

A corporate legal firm is a team of registered lawyers who have been trained to deal with all manner of corporate legal matters. While some firms will specialize in a particular type of corporate law, others will have specialists in different areas and therefore will offer a broader portfolio of services.

Among the areas of law that corporate law covers are labor law, litigation and negotiations, trade law, mining law, and liquidation services. Those areas entail the following type of work:

  • Corporate Law: Commercial agreements, contracts, corporate documents, IP registrations, and trademarks.
  • Mining Law: Legal services focused on concession applications, permit applications, and commercial agreements.
  • Litigation and Negotiation: Legal support with litigations and commercial negotiations.
  • Labor Law: Preparation of employment contracts and company support for managing employee legal matters.
  • Trade Law: Comprehensive legal support for the importation and exportation of products.
  • Liquidation Services: Provision of legal support for the liquidation of local legal entities.

So depending on what you need a corporate legal firm in Peru for, you will need to consider the extent to which a firm is able to meet those needs.

It will also help you maintain good standing with authorities, not only through guaranteeing your own compliance with local legislation and norms, but by giving you access to the established network the firm has developed over years.

Hiring an established legal firm in Peru should also ultimately save you money, even if a more established firm does not offer the lowest rate, because experience should guarantee that all processes will be run smoothly, without time- and money-consuming errors.

Furthermore, in the case that you hire a corporate legal firm in Peru that also offers other back-office and commercial support services, you will likely be able to count on sound advice related to your intended and future investment choices, as well as assistance entering other markets.

If you are thinking of doing business in Peru, our multilingual legal and accounting services team could bring major benefits to your operations. Our international team of experts can assist you in a wide range of corporate legal affairs, and has extensive experience in every aspect of the establishment and management of a foreign company in the country.

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