What are the Corporate Compliance Requirements for Legal Entities in Peru?

Starting a business in Peru? It's important to understand the local regulations that set out your corporate legal responsibilities. Find out about national taxes, social security, and corporate and labour obligations for your business.

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Peru has been one of the most reliable economies in Latin America, not only in terms of GDP growth, but also when comparing foreign investment trends. Private investments in the most important Peruvian sector, the mining industry, will increase and further boost the country's GDP in the years to come. Peru, like many of its neighbors, is also a strong performer in agricultural industries, as demonstrated in its export activity.

In the coming years, Peru has laid out a plan for making significant public investment into its infrastructure. This is to boost the country's capability for continued economic growth and generate greater interest from investors and entrepreneurs abroad. Not surprisingly, the World Bank Group estimates a 3.82% annual GDP growth by 2020, overtaking Bolivia to make it the 2nd fastest growing economy in South America, following closely behind Paraguay.

Deciding to establish an independent company or set up a foreign branch office is only the first step in engaging the Peruvian business world. Several legal requirements need to be met before, during and after the company incorporation process. Therefore, a corporate secretarial service provider will reduce the bureaucratic weight straining your business by providing crucial support to your operations. For example, coordination with local authorities, formulation of corporate documents/documents for shareholder meetings, management of electronic documentation, supporting in meeting accounting and tax obligations, amongst others.

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For more information about our legal and corporate compliance services in Peru, please get in contact with our local team.

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