Employee Recruitment Process In Australia

Recruitment is one of the most important elements to consider when setting up a business in Australia. Indeed, if you want to grab a slice of the country’s US$1.323 trillion GDP and enter into one of its lucrative and growing national sectors, whether financial services, tourism, mining, healthcare or food, you must employ staff who can help enable organizational growth and take your business to the next level. After all, successful businesses put their people first.

Recruit and attract the best talent for your company. If you are looking for entrepreneurship in Latin America, Biz Latin Hub is your ally to hire the human talent you need.
Recruit and attract the best talent for your company. If you are looking for entrepreneurship, Biz Latin Hub is your ally to hire the human talent you need.

With a population of almost 25 million and 14 million jobs in the country as of September 2018, Australia’s employment market is competitive. The country has a GDP per capita of US$53,799.94, and an average salary of AU$82,436 a year according to Living in Australia, and with high living costs in major towns and cities, the country is an expensive place to be, which makes it difficult for native and foreign companies to find affordable, accessible talent.

Below, we’ve put together some tips on the employee recruitment process in Australia to help you find the right candidates and applicants for your vacant roles and to ensure you can attract the very best talent to take your business from a startup to a global giant in no time.

Employee Recruitment in Australia – Understanding Your Requirements

As soon as you incorporate a business in Australia, you should brainstorm the skill shortages in your company and identify the skills and experience you need to grow. Even if you’re one of the world’s most well-traveled and successful entrepreneurs, it would be tough to operate as a one-man band, and so finding talent to expand is critical. If you’re operating in a B2B market, for example, then you may decide to find a Business Development Manager to liaise with local buyers and big shots and secure contracts; if you’re hoping to expand your firm from the United Kingdom to Australia and have everything in place, hiring a Marketing Consultant could be useful for growth, allowing you to thrive in an international territory.

The key is to know what you’re looking for and be specific. As we have already highlighted, the job market in Australia is competitive and expensive, so if you hire the wrong person and don’t find what you’re looking for, then you could make a mistake and hemorrhage money in the vital stages of your business, preventing you from growing to your maximum potential.

Advertising Your Vacancies

Once you have determined the key skills and attributes required for a new member of staff, you should look to advertise your vacancy online. Use job and competitors’ websites to see how they are advertising their vacancies – study the language they use, and analyze average salaries for your role in the area so that you can be competitive and attract the best talent.

The Australian government runs the Job Active website, and businesses are able to submit their vacancies online for free. Independent job websites such as Indeed, APS Jobs, AllJobs Australia, Job Seeker, OneShift, and Neuvoo should also be considered. In addition, social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook’s new Jobs feature should be utilized to spread the word, and setting up a careers page on your website where you can offer information is key.

Interviewing Relevant Candidates

Once you have received applications for your role, you should look to interview relevant and promising candidates as soon as possible. Especially in competitive niches in Australia, top talent can be snapped up quickly, and the chances are that your candidates are interviewing for more than one position, so being proactive and offering a great experience will work in your favor. If you’re new to Australia, then consider working with a recruitment firm who can offer guidance and enable you to pick the best candidate for the job, or work with a director or shareholder of a non-competing business who can offer moral support during the process.

In some sectors, you may even want to consider virtual interviewing, whether candidates will call you on Skype. Virtual interviewing software, which allows you to interview hundreds of candidates using a virtual avatar, can help to separate the wheat from the chaff and enable you to find the right candidate at break-neck speed. Be innovative if you want to stand out.

Getting To Grips With The Culture

Something to consider before interviewing candidates is the differences between business culture in your home country, and in Australia. One of the biggest business challenges in Australia is being able to juggle your typical approach to networking and recruitment and the way things are done down under. Whereas an interview for a role in the United Kingdom may include a board of directors in a high-end London office, Australian business management and interviews tend to have a laissez-faire approach – candidates may not necessarily turn up to an interview in a shirt and tie and may be more relaxed and informal than elsewhere.

Considering Foreign Employees

One of the biggest business challenges in Australia is being able to juggle your typical approach to networking and recruitment.

Finally, you should weigh up Australia visa options when trying to find the right man for the job, and remember that you may be able to find the right candidate in your home country. As a foreign investor with operations in many countries, it may be wise to employ an expert from your home country, who can lead your new Australian business venture to success. You can either choose talent that has an Australian visa, or you can employ workers by sponsoring them on a permanent basis through the Employer Nomination Scheme or the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme, on a temporary basis through the Temporary Work (Skilled) Subclass 457 visa, or by entering into a labour agreement with the Australian government.

Start Recruiting with Biz Latin Hub

At Biz Latin Hub Australia, we’re specialized in delivering effective recruitment services to both native and foreign entrepreneurs operating in Australia. Whether you have a candidate in mind and need help organizing their visa, or you’d like us to advertise your position and present the most suitable candidates for you to review, we offer a flexible and straightforward approach to recruitment in Australia and have been trusted by many Australian businesses.

Contact us today to discuss how we can support you.

Key services offered by Biz Latin Hub
Key services offered by Biz Latin Hub

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