Hire an EOR in Peru to Get Your Business Moving

An employer of record (EOR) in Peru will be able to employ staff on your behalf, meaning you won’t need to incorporate a company or register a subsidiary to enter the market.

With a gross domestic product (GDP) of $227 billion (USD), Peru is the sixth-largest economy in Latin America by GDP. If you are looking to enter the Peruvian market, without having to go through the process of registering a company in Peru, working with a reliable employer of record could be an ideal solution.

Read on to understand why working with an EOR in Peru could be your best option.

Why partner with an EOR in Peru? 

Partner with an EOR in Peru
Partner with an EOR in Peru 

Partnering with an EOR in Peru is an ideal choice for anyone who only needs a limited number of local employees, or who is planning to develop a restricted operation in the Andean nation.

It also offers investors the opportunity to enter and get to know the market in a limited way, prior to a larger-scale expansion through either company incorporation or branch formation.

Because an EOR in Peru will have extensive knowledge of all relevant labor law, it will also be able to provide you with advice and consultation on such matters, while giving you the peace of mind that your enterprise is complying with all local regulations.

 An EOR in Peru takes care of responsibilities such as:

  • Managing workers’ compensation claims and payroll benefits
  • Handling regulatory paperwork and compliance issues
  • Advising on proper procedures related to the likes of termination and disciplinary procedures

Note that the client company remains responsible for ensuring a safe work environment, tracking work hours, and paying payroll funds to the EOR.

What to expect from an EOR in Peru

An EOR in Peru offers legal representation
An EOR in Peru offers legal representation

Managing your staff through an EOR in Peru provides the following benefits:

Increase of recruitment efficiency: An EOR is able to tap into its established recruitment network to find ideal personnel quickly. The EOR will then be able to quickly draft employment contracts and manage all processes related to payroll and visa processing.

Reduce risks: An EOR is equipped to give professional advice on matters related to employee hiring, and job compliance. In this way, you will avoid legal problems that can put your business at risk.

Reduce costs: Working with an EOR in Peru will save you both time and money compared to establishing and managing a new business. The EOR will be in charge of recruiting, hiring, firing, and paying all taxes and benefits to local employees.

Legal representation: All legal claims related to the employees will be directed to the EOR. This organization is equipped to resolve certain legal issues, ensuring your business operations are in full compliance with local labor regulations.

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