Hiring Employees - PEO versus Entity Setup in Australia

Need to Hire Employees in Australia? Don't know how? Learn here whether a PEO or Entity Setup Solution will best suit your Business hiring needs in Australia.

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Businesses expanding abroad to Australia will be able to take advantage of the many attractive aspects of Australia's business climate: strong, stable government, wealthy economy, highly productive workforce, proximity to Asia, and valuable trade agreements with powerful regional and global markets.

When considering an expansion into Australia, many executives and entrepreneurs may not know they have more than one option. They can choose to:

  1. Incorporate a company in Australia
  2. Hire staff through a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) in Australia.

For those that know they need to employ people in the country for their business, it is wise to consider the advantages and shortcomings of both of these options. It is not always necessary to formally incorporate a company in Australia in order to hire staff.

The following presentation, put together by our payroll management specialists in Australia, outlines the key aspects of company incorporation and hiring through a PEO in Australia. Businesses may find that they would prefer to expand into the country first through a PEO provider, and can consider incorporating a company later on down the track.

For more information and personalized assistance, reach out to our Australian team of payroll managers and professionals today. Through a Professional Employer Organization provider, businesses gain assurance that your business is compliant with all local employment regulations.

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