What are the Accounting & Taxation Requirements in Dominican Republic?

Find out the accounting and taxation requirements in the Dominican Republic for expanding businesses. The Dominican Republic is an exciting jurisdiction to do business in, demonstrating strong GDP growth since 2004. Among the Caribbean islands, the Dominican Republic is quietly emerging as a viable market opportunity for multinationals looking for economic zones that offer lower overheads and accessible trading options. As a developing region, Central America and the Caribbean is attracting greater attention from international businesses and investors, and remains one of the world’s most untapped regions. To successfully expand and carry out commercial operations in the Dominican Republic, companies must pay close attention to corporate regulations outlining their accounting and taxation obligations in the country. Avoid penalties, fines and other sanctions by ensuring you fully understand and comply with local regulations for doing business. To support business’ preparedness when expanding abroad, our senior accounting executives have produced the following presentation outlining a company’s accounting and taxation requirements in the Dominican Republic. This presentation gives a brief overview on what expanding businesses must comply with when operating in this country, and what to expect when carrying out operations from a regulatory perspective. For further personalized advice and support, reach out to our team of specialists to receive a quote customized to your business needs. Learn more about our accounting and legal experts, and the accounting and taxation support we can provide in the Dominican Republic.

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