What are the Accounting & Taxation Requirements in Uruguay?

Uruguay is becoming an increasingly appealing country for regional and overseas investors who are looking to expand their organizations and create new revenue streams. In 2019 and beyond, startups in Latin America and around the world require diversification and global ties in order to thrive, so an expansion into Uruguay could be the first stepping stone.

Uruguay has a great business environment to conduct local and international commercial activities and offers investors a variety of fiscal benefits for investors through the presence of Free Trade Zones across the country. Additionally, Uruguay has high levels of political stability and low levels of corruption within their national institutions, making it an ideal Latin America investment location.

Corporate income tax in Uruguay is currently set at a flat rate of 25%. All businesses are expected to register with the Direccion General Impositiva (DGI) and file their annual returns within four months of the year ending or will face financial penalties as a result. For both residents and non-residents in Uruguay, corporate income tax sits at 25%. This figure applies only to income generated through activities in the country and requires businesses to correctly label, monitor, and document their expenses in the country.

Before beginning operations in Uruguay, it is best you have a sound understand of the accounting and taxation requirements. For more personalized advice and services, reach out to our local office.

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