Due Dilligence Services in Latin America

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If you are thinking of incorporating a company in Latin America, learn how our due diligence and investigation services along with other back office services can be useful for successful operations in the Latin American region. We control, identify, and reduce risk by answering important questions like what is the security situation in a certain country, can I trust my joint venture partner and distributors, who can I trust to be my local representative, when I arrive do I need physical security, are there any reputational risks with the groups I am working with, can I trust that my client will pay me when I deliver my services, and are there any other things I am not being told? We have an experienced team of market entry and back office experts of accountants, lawyers, market entry professional, security experts, head hunters and IT professionals that can help you answer all these questions and more. We offer background investigation of people and companies, a review of company operations and structure, legal and accounting due diligence, and valuation of due diligence so that you can reduce your risk. We work in the areas of investigation, polygraph examinations, corporate intelligence, risk management and physical and IT security. We leverage our experience to help ensure your business success in the Latin American region.

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