Hiring Employees - PEO versus Entity Setup in Dominican Republic

Need to Hire Employees in Dominican Republic? Don't know how? Learn here whether a PEO or Entity Setup Solution will best suit your Business hiring needs in Dominican Republic.

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The Dominican Republic is a rising star among the clutch of Caribbean economies; as it grows and experiences greater prosperity, it's emerging on global radars as a hotspot for business and investment in the region.

Many may not be aware that there is more than one way to expand into a new jurisdiction, depending on the needs of the business. Two fundamental options available to businesses are formal company incorporation and hiring staff abroad through a Professional Employer Organization (PEO).

Companies wishing to establish an immediate presence and build connections and brand awareness quickly may opt to hire staff through a formally incorporated company. This method usually requires a larger amount of capital expenditure upfront, and a physical domicile in the Dominican Republic.

Alternatively, companies can hire staff in the Dominican Republic through a PEO. This organization applies a 'co-employment model' in order to hire employees on behalf of another company, and operate as the 'Employer of Record' in the eyes of local government. A PEO can support the recruitment, hiring, and ongoing payroll management of these employees, while they carry out their roles to support the hiring company.

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Biz Latin Hub's Snapshot of Employment Law in Dominican Republic

Our team at Biz Latin Hub has compiled a list of facts you should know in order to successfully hire employees in Dominican Republic. This document can help you overcome the difficulties associated with local employment laws when hiring in Dominican Republic.

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