How to Apply for a Visa in Uruguay

Uruguay has a tradition of political, democratic and social stability, as well as robust macroeconomic conditions, which ensure a favorable environment to develop successful investments. It is also a stable and predictable country, and these aspects are key for investors.

The country’s significant growth rates in the last decade are related to a strong increase in investments. In Uruguay, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) has reached record levels, leading the country to stand out as one of the top nations for FDI in terms of South American GDP.
More and more investors are establishing their companies or moving them to Uruguay, for considering it an unmatched place to bring their most qualified personnel.

Commonly companies are incorporated in Uruguay as a first step for directors, employees and trusted staff to subsequently apply for a local residence as provided by the Uruguayan law. Meanwhile, the relevant growth rates experienced by Uruguay in the last years has led national authorities to implement fast-track residence procedures.

As a general condition, you will need to prove financial means. However, this requirement is not necessary for citizens from Mercosur or associated countries.

In order to help you get acquainted with all the steps of this process, our Uruguayan lawyers have created a model for applying for a residence in Uruguay, contact us to help you with all your visa requirements.

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