Find the Right Attorney in Ecuador to Represent Your Business

Finding the right attorney in Ecuador when doing business in the country is crucial to avoiding legal obstacles that may put your commercial operations at risk. With extensive knowledge of local legislation, a reliable local attorney will also be able to represent your organization, sign contracts on your behalf, and maximize business opportunities while adhering to all corporate regulations.

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Find the right attorney in Ecuador

Ecuador, bordered by Colombia to the north and Peru to the south, has experienced positive Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) inflows in recent years, reaching $1.4 billion (USD) in 2019, according to the 2020 Index of Economic Freedom.

Capital city Quito is known as a software development hub in Latin America, with a high concentration of skilled human capital available at competitive rates for the region.

In addition, the Andean country has abundant petroleum reserves, which account for 45 percent of its exports, and it is the main exporter of cacao in the Americas.

If you are considering setting up a company in Ecuador or entering the market some other way, read on to find out about finding the right attorney in Ecuador to assist you.

What to expect from an attorney in Ecuador

A professional attorney in Ecuador will know the ins and outs of local regulations and corporate requirements that you must meet to successfully establish a company in the country. An attorney is also equipped to anticipate legal issues that may arise and provide legal advice on matters related to labor, civil and commercial law, intellectual property, and strategic litigation.

Furthermore, an attorney in Ecuador will represent your company before local authorities, partners, and clients, protecting your interests and providing essential support in different aspects of your business.

How do I choose the right attorney?

When looking for an attorney in Ecuador to develop commercial operations in the country, you must consider the following:

City of Quito, Ecuador
Corporate regulations in Ecuador change regularly

Experience: Make sure the attorney you plan to hire has experience working with companies in your industry.

Understanding of local legislation: Corporate regulations in Ecuador tend to change with some regularity and vary depending on commercial activities. Thus, it is essential to verify if the attorney representing your company is up-to-date with local legislation.

Credibility: In Ecuador, as anywhere else, a lawyer with more experience will have more credibility (and likely cost a bit more). By reviewing the commercial history and public feedback on a given lawyer, you will get an idea of the quality of his or her work before making a final decision.

Teamwork skills: Corporate attorneys must be familiar with work environments that include professionals from different backgrounds. Ideally, your attorney should have extensive work experience and understand the dynamics of a business in Ecuador.

Find the right attorney in Ecuador with expert support

At Biz Latin Hub, our team of experienced attorneys is equipped to provide you all of the corporate legal services you might need and help you take advantage of Ecuador’s business opportunities. Through our full suite of multilingual market entry and back-office services, we are equipped to deliver excellence and ensure the success of your commercial expansion in the country. Get in touch with us today today to discuss the assistance that you need.

Learn more about our team and expert authors and watch the following video to learn about the five best reasons to do business in Ecuador.

The 5 Best Reasons to Do Business in Ecuador

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