What are the Corporate Compliance Requirements for Legal Entities in the Dominican Republic?

Understand and comply with all relevant corporate regulations for legal entities in the Dominican Republic to ensure your ongoing commercial development and success.

The Dominican Republic offers a flexible company incorporation process, and low barriers to entry are encouraging for multinationals looking to get their foot in the door in this growing region. As an expanding business, it’s important to know the different corporate, legal and social obligations to the government and to your employees.

Failure to comply with corporate regulations could hinder your business development at a crucial point in your expansion. Avoid unnecessary sanctions and undue delay to your company setup by seeking advice and support from experts, and establishing clarity among your executives on the obligations of the business.

Our legal and accounting executives have prepared the following presentation which outlines a company’s obligations in four key elements of Dominican law: corporate obligations, national taxes, labour obligations, and social security. This presentation provides a helpful overview of compliance requirements and practical tips for businesses conducting operations in the Dominican Republic. Incorporate your company in Belize with confidence and security that you are meeting your obligations under local law.

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