September 2020 Regulatory Update: Chile and Costa Rica

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Our legal and accounting specialists at Biz Latin Hub’s Chile and Costa Rican offices report the following notable regulatory updates for September 2020.

We provide comprehensive multilingual market entry and back-office support to foreign companies operating in Latin America. With our guidance, our clients can comply with all their corporate legal, accounting, and tax obligations to ensure their ongoing development and growth in key Latin American markets.

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The Chilean government and its institutions introduced two regulatory updates in September.

Regulatory activity Outcomes for business
Law 21.260 (PDF) Modifies the Labor Codex to facilitate remote or ‘telework’ arrangements for employers and employees.
Law 21.265 (PDF) Modifies the Central Bank’s prerogatives to regarding operations in the secondary open market.

Costa Rica

Regulatory activity Outcomes for business
‘Del martillo y el baile’ (hammer and dance) strategy The Costa Rican government is continuing to apply its rolling strategy (source in Spanish) to reopening different areas in the country based on their level of control over the transmission of Covid-19. Now, most of the regions in the country have reopened.

Land borders are still closed and international airports are open only for certain countries (Canada, UK, Europe and 20 cities from the US).

Contact our corporate lawyers in Chile and Costa Rica for support

At Biz LatinHub, our bilingual accounting and legal professionals provide specialist support to foreign multinational executives navigating their business expansion process in Chile and Costa Rica, and all key markets in Latin America. With our full suite of market entry and back-office services, including company formation, legal services, and accounting & taxation, we ensure our clients are fully compliant with their regulatory requirements in order to operate in Chile and Costa Rica. Additionally, we advise on changes to regulation that could impact their business.

Reach out to our experts to understand how we can help you comply with the regulatory environment with our services, which include:

  • Company formation
  • Hiring and Professional Employer Organization (PEO) services
  • Visa processing
  • Local and international tax advisory
  • Accounting and taxation
  • Due diligence
  • Legal services, including legal representation, trademarks and liquidation
  • Market entry and commercial representation.

Learn more about our team of professionals driving successful compliance practices and enabling commercial expansion across Latin America.

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