Mining and Natural Resources

Gas and oil station in Bolivia portraits commercial opportunities

Opportunities in Bolivia’s Oil and Gas Industry

Bolivia is a country rich in natural resources that are essential to modern civilization, from minerals to hydrocarbons. Oil and gas investment in Bolivia has been gaining positive attention for a while now, the country has vast natural reserves that are yet to be fully explored and its increasing supply commitments require more financing. It …

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Montevideo Uruguay: home of Mercosur headquarters

Outlook for MERCOSUR-Asia Relations

Recently, MERCOSUR has been increasing efforts to form trade agreements with different countries and alliances around the world. A trade bloc comprised of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay, MERCOSUR has a lot to offer in terms of trade benefits and economic opportunity. Collectively, the bloc’s GDP amounts to over US$2 trillion, a powerful negotiating point …

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Gold, Silver, and Copper Mining Opportunities in Ecuador

Mining Opportunities in Ecuador for Gold, Silver, and Copper

Being a small country amongst regional giants, Ecuador typically gets overlooked when it comes to foreign investment and foreign business incorporation. However, recent discoveries within the country’s natural resource sector are changing this reputation for the better. Moreover, changes in legal regulations and government involvement started to ‘prime the pump’ for Ecuador to achieve success …

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Peru mining tax contributions

Australia’s Promising ‘Value-Added’ Mining Future

Much of the modern world runs on the foundations of a series of minerals found abundantly in few countries. These ‘rare earth’ minerals are some of the most valuable finds because many different industries and countries rely on them as primary resources.  Historically, China controlled most of the rare earth minerals industry. However, Australia has …

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